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Current Gallery: maritgen ( piece)
Born into an unconventional, musical family in Holland that was allways buzzing with creativity, I could not imagine my life being other than artistic. As a child I found out how to evoke small dreamworlds, always drawing and writing... After studying dutch language, I finished the Academy of Arts. After, in my supercosy canal-facing studio in Amsterdam, I shot off as an illustrator - really loving the freedom and adventure of it. After ten years, I started to write professionally as well, and published a (rather successful) childrensbook. Actually, I'm in love with both language and art. Writing keeps me sharp, while art keeps me happy... The work I make today is created in Photoshop. These images are windows to my own vast, inner landscape. I will use just anything to get the right atmosphere or effect; putting my son's toys and other things at the scanner, search the net, and 'borrow' parts of old European paintings. When I'm inspired and lucky, all parts fit together miraculously in the end, and I feel I took a picture of something that is 'really existing', while travelling through the landscapes of my soul.
"Maritgen Art - Inside the Tower"  (2007) by maritgen
  • Maritgen Art - Inside the Tower Maritgen Art - Inside the Tower
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